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Let the professionals handle your valuable solar panels

Your solar panels are a technological marvel that allows you to harness natural, clean energy while helping you to reduce your electricity use. Protect this vital investment with professional-grade solar panel cleaning services from WindowWorks Property Services LLC!

Any soap, not just regular soap, as well as high pressure water, can do damage to your solar panels. WindowWorks Property Services LLC has worked on an organic, eco-friendly, and environmentally sustainable solution! Our solution cleans your solar panels better than the leading brands of solar panel cleaners! Not only have we demonstrated this, but we also have had our equipment and technicians approved by a number of Washington solar power installation companies.

Specialized cleaning tools

In addition to the specially formulated cleaner designed to give your solar array a deep cleaning, WindowWorks Property Services LLC has also developed a special applicator to make our cleaning solution even more effective on commercial systems!


Our technicians are equipped and instructed to take pictures of any problems including damaged roof material, full gutters and moss problems. Also, you can count on the experienced journeymen technicians from WindowWorks Property Services LLC to have all the proper safety gear to clean your panels!


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Reading E-Gauges and the math of solar cleanings

To understand the value of a solar panel staying cleaned, we were schooled on how to read E-gauges on a solar system. The e-gauge tells you the amount of power a solar system is producing. From the work we did with the information gathered from reading these e-gauges we came up with some average numbers of the boost in efficiency systems have after being cleaned. We found that a system gains up 3.5% of production when cleaned at twelve months. At eighteen months systems can gain over 9.5% efficiency.

Protect your investment with solar panel cleaning