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Enlist a team dedicated to the details of roof and gutter care

Proper cleaning and maintenance for your roof and gutters can add years to their lives and help protect your house from harmful moss and water damage! WindowWorks Property Services LLC has over 16 years of experience in providing you with these services!

You'll love the detailed cleaning provided by WindowWorks Property Services LLC's trained journeymen technicians! Our staff takes extra care to protect your landscaping and gardens from roof debris, and we can haul away your waste for a nominal additional fee.

Our moss treatment and removal process

While moss treatment isn't included in standard roof and gutter treatments, you can add this service to your other cleanings!

WindowWorks Property Services LLC uses an all organic moss treatment that is more effective than anything containing chlorine, bleach or zinc.


We treat perfectly clean roofs to ensure there will be no moss growth for the year and we also spray active moss, with the option to come back and remove for an additional charge.

Gutter face Brightening/Cleaning

Clean hard-to-reach areas of your home with help from WindowWorks Property Services LLC! Brighten your home's exterior with gutter face brightening service. We use a specialized cleaner (Cleansol BC) to give your gutters a face-lift! And you can SAVE on roof and gutter service when you schedule more than 2 cleanings per year!


Call WindowWorks Property Services LLC at 425-957-7403 for a FREE estimate today!

Metal roof cleaning

There is a risk of causing your roof to leak which will lead to water damage, mold problems, and more. Our metal roof cleaning technique offers a low pressure alternative to pressure washing. Water fed brushes that are fed from a deionized water tank/filter do the same quality of work that a pressure washer can do without the risks of damaging your roof.

Safeguard your home with roof, gutter, and moss services

Moss treatment, removal and upkeep process:

1 - Estimate is given: The estimate is created by creating/justified by the amount of product we spray on a roof. (5 gallons at Home depot costs $40). Our product is safe, organic and works better than any other product we have used.


2 - A second estimate for the moss removal will also be made IF NECESSARY. Not all roofs have enough moss on them to require any removal, and some do. This product is also used as a preventative on roofs with no moss on them at all. If a second appointment is required to remove the moss from the roof, our process is tremendously more affordable and safe for your home’s roof than pressure washing. NEVER PUT A PRESSURE WASHER ON YOUR HOME’S ROOF!! Our process was created to replace a pressure washers need to remove moss. Our process also limits the mess created while pressure washing and we make an extra effort to any mess from the moss removal process leaving your home in the same or better condition from which it was found.


3 - An appointment is scheduled within a 1 hour window of a prescheduled arrival time. The tech will arrive and knock to let the customer know that we are getting started, but no one needs to be home for us to perform service.


4 - The tech will fully saturate the surface of your roof with treatment. A typical 2500 sq foot home will take 15 gallons of treatment and could be completely applied in 30 min. It is sprayed from a 50 gallon tank that is mounted in a truck and sprayed at a rate of about a gallon and a half a minute with a spray range of over 30 feet


5 - The product that we use is considered a "contact Killer" and instantly goes to work. It is such an effective treatment that IT CAN BE APPLIED IN THE RAIN AS LONG AS PRECIPITATION AMOUNTS DO NOT GO OVER 1/4 INCH FOR 12 HOURS FOLLOWING TREATMENT. If the rain does appear to effected the treatment process and moss appears to be alive (green), we will of course return and spray again for free.


6 - If a customer requests another appointment to remove the dead moss from their roof, it will typically be scheduled a week or two after the treatment has been applied, but in some cases any necessary removal can be scheduled 48 hours after the roof has been treated. EVERY ROOF-MOSS CONDITIONS ARE DIFFERENT but conditions can be explained at the time of the estimate. Removal can also be scheduled up to 8 months after application of moss treatment. Dead moss WILL eventually regenerate, but the ability to softly remove the moss has a relatively large window of time with this product.


7 - Removal process begins by blowing the roof with back pack blowers. The moss that is not removed by air is then swept up with brooms and brushes. Then the roof is blown off again and the gutters are cleaned. Once the roof has been cleared of moss it is sprayed again to ensure all algae spore have been killed.


8 - The cleanup of this project is almost the most important part. All decks, driveways and walkways are cleaned and the moss that lands in a customers yard is neatly blown into ares where it can just turn into dirt. But we do not offer the hauling away of the debris removed from the roof. If excessive amounts of moss exist arrangements will be made. But about 90% of the time there is not enough moss that is being removed to justify charging anything for the service of hauling the debris away. Again: WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN LEAVING EVERYTHING BETTER THAN THE CONDITION IT WAS FOUND IN. We also have the technology available to show a customer before and after pictures of the project to ensure the quality of all angles of work that these projects provide.


9 - Once moss is removed a customer is advised to have us back to spray for moss annually. With this annual maintenance plan our company is so confident that a customer wont see moss growth again that we offer free removal if it ever grows back inside the following years of treatment.

Combined these exterior services and SAVE with a service contract

Schedule 2 or more roof, gutter, or moss treatments with a service contract from WindowWorks Property Services LLC and SAVE on your treatments! Plus, 10% DISCOUNTS are available to all military personnel to keep your rates competitive and your cleaning costs low!